Obba Babatunde as Father Emanuel in 'The Fallen Faithful'

*Emmy nominated actor Obba Babatunde’ stars as Father Emanuel in the forthcoming flick “The Fallen Faithful.” The film is produced by PJ Leonard & The Other Side Of The River Productions.

This diverse and innovative production company will also host a star studded premiere on Monday, June 21st, 2010 at the Arclight Theatre in Hollywood, California at 7:30 pm.

(Scroll down to watch the film’s trailer.)

The screenwriter is Elizabeth Regen who made several sitcom performances before flexing her literary skills in this compelling theatrical experience. The story is by E. B. Hughes.

In “The Fallen Faithful” Sonny Marinelli brings life to the role of Moran Douglas; a troubled orphan who has grown into a ruthless killer. Still plagued by inner turmoil, Douglass vacillates between the foundations laid by two surrogate fathers; the power hungry psychopath Asa (played by Mark Margolis) and the more rational & godly Emanuel (played by Obba Babatunde’).

Mr. Babatunde’ has over 100 film & television appearances to his credit, including the Emmy nominated performance in HBO’s “Miss Evers’ Boys.” Of course Obba made history as C.C. White in the original Broadway production of “Dreamgirls.”

Thankfully this brilliant and versatile talent is still providing the industry with more and more displays of his multi-dimensional gifts and creative aptitude.

Also appearing in The Fallen Faithful are Patrick Gallagher, Jaquelyn Pi ñol, Alan Smyth, Zeus Mendoza and Eric Payne.

The film is directed by Hungarian born Csaba Bereczky. The Fallen Faithful offers a unique perspective on man’s choices and consequences.

Watch the trailer for “The Fallen Faithful”:

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