Mr. T and Quniton 'Rampage' Jackson

*“A-Team” is that one remake everyone has been waiting for and it’s just about here. While the movie is expected to packed with action, glorious man-ness, and great fighting scenes, cameos of the original team members are sure to catch audiences’ attention. But there will be one face everyone will be looking for, Mr. T.

UFC fighter, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, has adopted B.A. Baracus, originally played by the one and only Mr. T. But why ain’t the O.G. gonna be in the flick?

“My thing with T was, I brought him down to the editorial and showed him a lot of the film, and he loved it and laughted and was very supportive and seemed to really dig Rampage in that role,” director Joe Carnahan told MTV News. “I thought, where T is concerned, if there’s ever going to be a cameo, you don’t burn your powder. I think that’s a guy you save potentially for something bigger.”

Something bigger you say? Does that mean there may be a part two? We have yet to see as the picture hits theatres this Friday.

Despite not having met his “idol,” Rampage of course is excited and honored to have played such a historical role.

“I’m such a big fan of Mr. T’s,” he said. “There’s no way you can fill his shoes. He’s the man.”

T never showed up to the premiere.