android*What’s up Gadgeteers, this week we are going to focus on our attention on Android, probably the best Operating software available at the moment, unless of course you’re an Apple fan, and then you might have a different opinion.

What is Android?

Android is Google’s’ software for smartphones that is based on open development. This means that, unlike the iPhone, Android can load applications directly developed by developers instead of going through Apple’s stringent and selective approval process. It also gives users the ability to customize which is a plus in terms of expressing individuality.

It all began in December 2007, with the release of T-Mobile’s G1, and has grown considerably over the last three years to become Apple’s and Blackberry’s main competitor. It has become extremely popular by handsets such as the Motorola Droid, whom Verizon has taken a liking to, and has done an excellent job of branding the software with its popular slogan “Droid Does!”

There are several different versions of Android that are available now, each named after a desert, There was doughnut which was the name of the first version, Cupcake which allowed for more features, Éclair which is currently on most handsets that run Android, and FroYo , the latest enhancement which allows for even more user ability. Recently announced is Gingerbread (Android 3.0) which should debut this winter.

For the past two years or so, I have been an Apple fan, purchasing almost everything Apple, even the latest iPhone 4. I’m not gonna lie, I do love the experience I get from Apple, although it seems a bit limited. Regardless, I have been a loyal Apple customer because they have stood for sound engineering and creativity; the company did invent the iPhone which has been a huge success despite problems with the latest model. However, too often times we get bored with what we have if its not drastically reinvented, thus an Android advice was definitely gonna make it’s way into the Gadget Guy’s household. Especially since I’ve been playing with my friend’s EVO every since he got it.

Just to give it a chance, I ordered Google’s Nexus One this past week and it should be arriving any day. The decision to trade in my Apple iPhone for the Google Nexus One will be a challenging one, but I did this because as much as I love Apple and my iPhone 4. I want to see what Google has to offer.

You see, many of the services that Google provides, such as syncing your contacts with an online cloud, is free, while Apple charges 99.00 for a full Mobile Me Subscription.

Another thing that attracted to me to purchase the Nexus One is the fact that with the latest update to its operating software, it can become a mobile hotspot, allowing internet connectivity to up to eight devices for free.

If I had bought the phone through a carrier, they would most certainly have blocked this feature and tried to make me pay for it, just as they are doing with tethering and the latest iPhone 4. However, because the phone is sold unlocked and unsubsidized @ 529.00, these restrictions aren’t going to stop me from making the most of the 30.00 I pay for an unlimited data plan with AT&T.

Spec wise, the iPhone 4 and the Google Nexus One have a lot in common. They both have 1 GHz processors, both are sleek, both have just one button; both have 5mp cameras, both have a flash. But where the iPhone lacks, Google is making leaps and bounds. The newest version released with Froyo also have the ability to input text by speaking, which is a neat little feature especially since in Ga it is now illegal to text while driving. One more little tidbit that I need to mention is the newest reiteration of the software also included Adobe Flash, one thing that any Apple product will not have.  I am very excited to see this work on a smart phone, since Apple is so adamant about never including this in any of their devices.

But there are some things I am not sure if I can give up which is why I am just “test driving” the Nexus One. For instance, the front facing camera and the 720P recording on the iPhone is absolutely amazing. The camera is awesome and literally can take the place of my flip camcorder. The screen is stunning as well. However, I really have to ask myself, how often do I use those things? And what is it that I do with my phone?

So basically I have 14 days to try this Nexus One out. Hopefully it arrives this week so I can test it out with some video to compare the two. In the meantime, below is a list of all the phones that have Android through May. See if your phone is on the list.. And Stay Tuned for Thursday’s edition of InSYnc where the Iphone 4 and the Nexus One go head to head Gadget Guy style…

Darryl Yates is a freelance writer and columnist for He owns an operates Gadget Guy Consulting a technology firm based in Atlanta Ga. He enjoys teaching people how to sync technology with life. Follow him @