Maia Campbell

*A sad story just got sadder.

Drugged out and supposedly bipolar former TV star Maia Campbell, who was recently videotaped engaging in some alleged drug-induced antics, is currently under arrest according to online reports.

Since July 5th, the former co-star of “In the Hose,” the 1990s sitcom starring LL Cool J, has been locked down at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif.

Campbell, whose bail is set at $40,100, is not allowed visitors but can receive monetary contributions toward her bail via an online sheriff’s department website.

Campbell has been viewed on two videos rambling, using profanity, looking disheveled and seeming disoriented.

On Wednesday, the down on her luck former actress had her first court date.

Our prayers go out to her and we wish her well.