*New York, NY – Mel and Oksana, Fantasia and Antwuan Cook, John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, Sandra and Jesse James and even Tiger and Elin, everywhere you look marriages are dissolving and people are losing touch with reality. People are harboring secrets that could ultimately shatter their world as they know it, risking everything for a romp in the hay or roll in the sack and even stooping to levels of shame and disgrace viewed unimaginable by most people”s standard.

These are not just the headlines and stories of the lives of these celebrities, but it is also the backdrop for one of urban theater”s most critically acclaimed, provocative, premiere playwrights JD Lawrence”s latest theatrical offering – JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones.” Lawrence has quickly emerged as the next one to take the urban theatre circuit and his works of art to new heights and notoriety. His last show, “The Clean Up Woman” sold out shows from coast to coast, became the highest grossing stageplay in over 35 years in one market and was touted and praised by critics as not “another typical gospel stageplay.”

Not to be compared to Tyler Perry, nor to be taken lightly, JD Lawrence, dubbed the “Man of Many Faces” by Ebony Magazine has undeniably created a formula for success that no one at this present time can duplicate with as much ease or uncanny ability. Critics have called him everything from “the best kept secret in theater” to “undoubtedly the future of urban theatre.” With that being said, his new stageplay, JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones,” continues to build on the theatrical metamorphosis to greatness taking place in his life right now. JD Lawrence, the ” Man of Many Faces” also serves as the “Man of Many Hats,” as he stars in, directs and produces JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones.”

JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones” kicks off its Fall Tour, September 27th -29th in New Haven, CT at the Palace Theatre. Stops will also include Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati and Boston, just to name a few. Tour information is available online at www.jdlawrencepresents.com. Tickets are available at all Ticketmaster locations and online at www.ticketmaster.com. Whether a matter of marrying the wrong person or simply falling out of love with the person you’re with,  JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones” gives audiences a taste of reality in a thought provoking, yet powerfully intriguing and outright hilarious way. If laughter does the heart good like medicine, then JD Lawrence is the doctor serving up prescriptions left and right in his latest show JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones.”

JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones” speaks to every person that”s in love, been in love or dreaming of the day that they find that special someone to love,” stated Lawrence. “It speaks to the heart, mind, body and the soul with humor and sincerity.” JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones” cleverly brings together the lives and stories of three different women whose relationships have not always rendered the results they have hoped for. It also champions the stories of millions of women who look at everything that’s wrong about their relationships, wishing it was right, wishing it was a fairytale and a dream come true. With a marriage on the rocks, Christina Jones is a devoted and loving wife, who has lost all sense of what’s real and what’s not in her relationship and home. If she doesn’t find her way soon, she just might lose her husband for good. Lady Jasmine Jones went half on a baby, but now can’t get her ex 47-year-old wannabe rapper boyfriend, Scooter, to pay half on “the baby.” And a recently engaged Paula Jones has always relied on her looks to get everything she ever wanted in this world. But, will looks alone finally lead her to true love and down the aisle?

JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones” storyline to life, alongside JD Lawrence, is legendary TV actress Jackee Harry from “227” and “Sister Sister” fame, award winning actor Darrin Dewitt Henson from “Soul Food” and the hit movie “Stomp The Yard,” model and actress Eva Pigford, winner of America”s Next Top Model Cycle 3, Grammy Award-winning R&B singer Dave Hollister, gospel singer Tammy Turner of BET”s “Sunday Best” and comedian Red Grant.

“It”s my goal to have each person leave the theatre feeling like a part of the JD Lawrence family, after experiencing JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones”, said Lawrence. “I want people to walk away with everything they came to get comedy, drama and yes ladies closure, you name it.

JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones” Fall Tour Dates are as follows:

September 27th – 29th New Haven, CT Palace Theatre
October 1st – 2nd Boston, MA Wang Theater
October 6th Youngstown, OH Stambaugh Theatre
October 7th – 8th Columbus, OH Palace Theatre
October 9th Cincinnati, OH Aronoff Center
October 10th Dayton, OH Schuster Center
October 19th Toledo, OH Stranahan Theatre
October 20th South Bend, IN Morris Performing Arts Center
October 21st Rockford, IL Coronado Performing Arts Center
October 22nd – 24th Chicago, IL Arie Crown Theatre
November 12th – 13th Columbia, SC Township Auditorium
November 14th Augusta, GA Bell Auditorium
November 16th – 21st Baltimore, MD Morgan State


For more information on JD Lawrence presents “Me & Mrs. Jones,” log onto www.jdlawrencepresents.com.



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