*So if you didn’t catch the late night news yesterday and didn’t hear the clamor in California, you may have not realized what happened. Basically, gay marriage is legal again in the state.

After a long hard battle against conservative Christians and pro-family folks, the gays finally made progress in the fight for same-sex marriage.

Last election season (Nov. 08) was a trying time for religious folks and the homosexual community as the right or privilege in some eyes to marry the same-sex was on the chopping block.

After Californians passed Prop 8, which banned same sex marriage, folks weren’t playing when they said, “This isn’t over.”

Promptly in January of this year, two unlikely lawyers joined forces and got what they wanted at the end of the day… a overriding judgment.

So what now? Is the city going to burn down? Are gays going to rush to the altar? Are Christians going to burn their crosses and picket in San Francisco?

Well, let me tell you what’s going to happen. (more…)