*Umm …  I think not. Holly Hill, a new author, is suggesting the best way to make a marriage last ain’t love, good sex, or finances. It’s sex with everyone. She says to wives, let your husbands cheat if you want the marriage to last.

“How much more of this ‘Wanna keep your man? Let him stray’ tripe are we supposed to swallow?” The part that rankles the most is that Hill considers monogamous men to be heroes. “There you have it: A man and a woman can take the same vow, but the guy who keeps it is a hero.” Even worse, Hill thinks women should cheat, too…but just to make their husbands jealous. “That’s right; bonking some other dude isn’t about getting your own ya-yas out, it’s just about making yourself more desirable to your main man. Excuse me, I have to go claw my face off now.”

I know this is the mentality the ladies on Basketball Wives have. That’s evident and perhaps in their lives it works. But for the average Tyrone and Tesha, that’s not going to work because (more…)