*A Florida judge dismissed a paternity case filed against Tiger Woods by porn star Devon James.

The actress, real name Melinda Brinling, alleged Woods was the father of her nine-year-old son Austin after reportedly having a fling with the golfer in 2001. She went public with her claims earlier this year in the aftermath of his 2009 cheating scandal, and demanded the golf star take a DNA test.

But James faced a court challenge when Woods’ lawyers questioned the legitimacy of the bid after it was revealed a man named Pele Watkins had already been named as her son’s dad in 2002.

The case took another turn last month when legal documents surfaced alleging Watkins had refused to take a DNA test – and, hence, was never officially named as the father.

Woods’ case went before a judge in Manatee County, Florida on Tuesday (17Aug10) and was promptly tossed out when James failed to show up for the hearing, reports TMZ.com.