Montana Fishburne and Jeremy Greene

*We don’t believe we have ever seen so many Hollywood family secrets come to the light in such a short period of time, and we’ve been doing this thing since 1997!, a brother who may soon give TMZ a run for their money, is at it again with the whole Montana Fishburne situation. He’s reporting that the fruit of Laurence Fishburne’s loins was arrested in November of last year and rung up on charges of, you should have guessed by now, prostitution.

This confirms what Montana’s former bestfriend,  NeNe, has been saying the entire time, that her boyfriend Jeremy Greene is her pimp. (Scroll down to see video.)

In the immortal words of Sticky Fingaz of Onyx, bu-bu-but wait it gets worse!

According to court documents Montana accused of violating California penal code 647 (b), which is a prostitution charge! California prostitution law under Penal Code 647(b) PC prohibits engaging in the act of prostitution, and offering or agreeing to engage in a sexual act (otherwise known as “solicitation”).

Montana was ordered to do 104 hours towards the California beautification project, 15 days of community service, an AIDS test, STD education, and two years probation.

Despite the whole line about the Kim Kardashian tape inspiring her, it appears as though Montana has been, as granny would say, hot to trot for a very long time.

In the two videos below NeNe, Montana “Chippy D” Fishburne’s former best friend, details how they met and how Montana fell in with Jeremy “J Pipes” Greene who is reportedly pimping her and convinced her to do the porn tape with the infamous Brian Pumper.