Composite sketch of man thought to be serial killer targeting black men

*Police in Virginia said Monday they think a serial killer who stabbed five people to death and wounded 10 others in Michigan (see related story below) was responsible for three attacks in northern Virginia, and all of the attacks have almost exclusively targeted black men.

Leesburg Chief of Police Joseph R. Price said he was confident, though not certain, that a white man was responsible for two stabbings and a hammer attack in his town in the last week, as well as the Michigan murders.

The suspect has been linked to a dark green Chevy S-10 Blazer with tan trim, with a model year ranging from 1995 to about 2000. Descriptions of the suspect have also been similar in both states, but police haven’t revealed any other evidence linking the stabbings.

The Leesburg victims were two African-American men and a Latino teen with a dark complexion. In Michigan, all but two of the 15 victims were black.

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Serial Killer in Michigan May Be Targeting Black Men, Say Police

A knife-wielding serial killer has been terrorizing Flint, Mich. and police say he has stabbed over a dozen men since May, killing five men and wounding eight others in a vicious spate of violence that may be motivated by racial hatred.

Survivors have described their assailant as a muscular, young white man, and all but one of the 13 victims was black, Flint Police Lt. T.P. Johnson said Friday.

Investigators are unsure if the suspect is targeting blacks or whether the victims were chosen at random.

According to CBS affiliate WNEM, all the victims were outside alone at night. Survivors have said the attacker approached them under the pretense of needing directions or help with a broken down vehicle.

“He then pulls a knife and attacks them without saying anything more,” Johnson said.

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