*Beyonce has been collaborating with quite a few folks lately, but when is she gonna make her long awaited come-back or should we say, follow up to 2008’s “I Am… Sasha Fierce?” Well, it appears that a new album from Bey is right around the corner.

Songwriters Sean Garrett and Ne-Yo are reaffirming that claim, while The-Dream’s frequent collaborator, Los Da Mystro, leaked news that a new Beyonce single, produced by The-Dream, could drop within the next three weeks.

“Listening to New B record Dream wrote … F-INg INSANE! WOw!!” Los Da Mystro tweeted. “She About to Kill the game again! Had to Listen again!! Y’all C in 3 weeks!”

Garrett recently confirmed that he teamed up with the singer just last week to work on a new project.

“I think we are doing a lot of up-tempo records for this one,” he told EW.com. “She’s in such a good place right now in life that she is interested in making party music, definitely.”

Ne-Yo is also on board, saying Beyonce is on her way back.

“The thing about working with Beyonce is that she definitely has her own agenda,” he shared with MTV News. “She’s an artist that knows exactly what she wants to do. She’s going to give you directions [like] ‘Here’s where I’m going, so here’s where I need you to be.”

“And, you know, I’m a person that follows direction well,” he continued. “[And she’ll be like], ‘So this is the sound, this is the vibe; make it happen.’ And I write and she likes it or she doesn’t. And in this case she did, and there you have it.”