*After 50 Cent recorded his own version of Cee Lo Green’s catchy single “F**k You,” the singer has decided to team with the rap star to shoot a new video for the remix.

“The song had only been out a couple of days so I took it as a compliment. I’ve spoken to 50 Cent on the phone and we are trying to get together to shoot a video for it,” Cee-Lo told WENN.

50 has also tweeted about his desire for a video collabo, saying: “Yo yall heard da s**t I did with ceelo its hot I spoke to him yesterday he told me he loved it and we made it official. Video coming soon. (sic)”

Cee Lo – whose single has been re-recorded as the radio-friendly “Forget You,” revealed the song – where he sings about jealousy over a gold digging ex-girlfriend – doesn’t refer to any of his own former girlfriends, but he can sympathize with the message.

“I hate to ruin the song for anybody but it’s a fictitious tale. There’s truth in it but it’s not a whole truth,” he said. “I sing it with conviction because I’ve been there before.”

Cee Lo will release his third solo album “The Lady Killer” in December.

WARNING: Audio below is NSFW.