*Aja and Fatin Dantzler are a happy couple and parents of now six children. With their web series, “Six is It!” the couple has shown the world what it really means to be team players.

When they had their sixth child, Aja endured some complications during birth, but everything worked out fine. The couple has stuck to their family plan and has decided to cut it off.

Fatin recently got a vasectomy, sort of bringing a bit of reassurance to men that the procedure is safe and harmless.

“Overall…I would suggest it. I don’t think it’s that much to be scared of, as most men are,” says Fatin. Aja who has endured 4 traditional births including one set of twins, and one delivery by Cesarean salutes Fatin for being the responsible one. For those men who might need assurances about the lingering impact of the surgery Aja shares “It’s fabulous around here. Ever since the procedure has been done, we’re like Teenagers up in here, so I’m happy with that part of it.”

Season two begins soon. Tune in at www.kindredthefamilysoul.com.