*Could it be that hip hop’s overweight lover, Rick Ross, has a “tamish” sex tape floating around the Internet? If so, his nemesis 50 Cent has got his hands on it and is sharing it with the world.

Bottom line: although Ross’ face cannot be seen clearly, judging by the fact that the tape was posted 50’s site, there’s a good chance that this is all one big hoax. Hopefully … gag!

But of course that’s not all. There’s more nasty sex offered on the website. Another link features some pretty graphic pics/vids of the same man and woman going at it. At least we think it’s the same woman. With Mr. whale all over her, you can’t really tell.

Anyway, Ross has not yet responded, but this isn’t the first time 50 has provoked the rapper. Last year, he posted a sex tape that featured Ross’ baby’s mama.

Wanna see for yourself if you can tell if it’s Ricky Rozay? Watch the video preview below. Warning, it contains brief female breast exposure and lots of man-boobs, a big ol’ gut and brief butt crack. Yuk! Like we said, you’ve been warned.

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