*It’s funny how one person can be both a pimp and a ho. This is exactly what GhettoPhysics: Will The Real Pimps and Hos Please Stand Up! wants its audience to examine, through its various movie-making elements.

Their theme, that the interplay of the pimp/ho dynamic represents a simple expression of how power is created in this complex world, comes together in multiple segments of interviews, a dramatic storyline and satirical skits and illustrations to show that the hood and Wall Street have much in common when it comes to controlling the dollar, as well as a person’s reality

Featured in GhettoPhysics were a wide array of influential people, including Cornel West, KRS-One, Norman Lear and Cynthia McKinney. Another key interviewee in this documentary was the “economic hit man” John Perkins, who provides powerful insight on just how much of a pimp the United States was to underdeveloped countries. All of these figures, sprinkled with a little street characters and real pimps, gave this film a complete look at how powerful the words and the concepts pimp and ho can be.

The centerpiece of this film was the storyline of a young woman in law school, being taught metaphysics from a street standpoint, as taught by Professor Brown (portrayed by the E. Raymond Brown, director of the film). The purpose of the class was to show how metaphysics is the central concept behind mind over matter. In other words, that it is up to the person to create their own reality, not the materials or the corporations behind the materials. That message trickles throughout the other skits and illustrations, as well as from the insight. “At one point, you manifest yourself into the pimp AND the ho,” KRS-One said before he began to stomp his foot as it was a conclusion he just drew.

GhettoPhysics is successful at covering all topics within the economy in ways that everyone, from a street cat to a Congressmen, can understand. Topics include religion and churches, politics behind the World Bank, Third World countries, higher education and many more. Within 94 minutes, GhettoPhysics is guaranteed to teach you something that you don’t know.

This film releases in ten cities on October 8th.