*What started as a simple donation of clothes turned into an activism project for famous actress Halle Berry, as she begins an exciting new project “What A Little Love Can Do.”

In collaboration with the Jenesse Center, Jenesse Center, a domestic violence intervention and prevention organization, the campaign assists domestic violence victims in need through renovating their housing.

Berry, Jenesse Ambassador, asked the organization’s director Karen Earl about a room that she could renovate out of inspiration by her two-year-old daughter. Earl decided to give the celebrity one of the group’s transitional sites for domestic violence victims.

“My belief is that by providing a safe, warm and beautiful space that is free of the horrors of the past, battered women whose spirits have been broken can begin to heal, hope, dream and start again,” Berry said. “By engaging the children this way, it lays the foundation for healthy mental development and a belief that they are worthy far beyond their circumstance.”

Berry and her design team have managed to transform the Jenesse Center’s Children Playroom at one of its transitional sites. “We have completed a space where children can go to get new clothing, have parties, play dates, play games, read, do art projects and have therapy,” says Berry.

The newly launched project has hit a snag – not enough funding. Sponsors who join Berry in remodeling the apartments will have rights to name the space, receive video of the remodel process, receive a pictorial of before and after photos and receive a Grand Reveal of the apartment with photo opportunities.

To visit the new website and learn more about Jenesse Center, go to www.jenesse.org or call Jenesse Center at 323.299.9496, ext. 103. To watch a video and pictorial of Berry’s “What A Little Love Can Do” project, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prFMswWArtA.