*Hopefully the rumor is true; word is, a biopic of L.A.’s seminal gangsta rap group, N.W.A. is in the making.

Although screenwriter Andrea Berloff, known for co-writing the 9/11 film ‘World Trade Center,’ was hired by New Line Cinema to write the script, one of the members of the group, Ice Cube, is itching to get involved.

“I’m trying to make it happen,” Cube told The BoomBox.com. “I think the story needs to be told. N.W.A did a lot for not only music but for art in general, for pop culture. I think the story needs to be told for youngsters who don’t know the significance of the world’s most dangerous group.”

N.W.A. was hip-hop’s “most dangerous group” back in their heyday, with former members, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, Yella, and the late and legendary Eazy E. The group formed in 1986 in Compton, California and ushered in an era of gangster rap like the music world had never seen. They made a ruckus for sure, coming out with a reigning anthem for many, “F- Tha Police.”

The group banded together for a good five years before finding success doing solo albums. While Cube and Dre were undoubtedly successful, Easy-E tragically became a victim of AIDS and died in 1995.