Stan Sheppard

*Today marks the debut of my new column on EURweb.COM and I want to take a moment to thank Mr. Lee Bailey and the entire staff for giving me the opportunity to share my insight, thoughts and opinions with the millions of people who visit this site on a monthly basis.

Hopefully after you finish reading my first edition, you will see that this is NOT your typical run of the mill music column that simply reviews new material and release dates of singles and albums.

Obviously, I will include information about new releases in music and films, but my true focus is to educate our readers concerning the inner workings of the industry and to share the insight I have gathered from creating, marketing and promoting Rap/R&B Music for over 30 years.

I have been blessed with continued success during this time period and my track record of selling over “25 Million Albums” over the past 12 years in Hip Hop and R&B will speak for itself. So please, just sit back for a few minutes and relax while I do my best to keep you interested and coming back for more in the weeks and months ahead.

The first issue I would like to address is the “Stupidity and Ignorance” I have witnessed from a front row seat in the Rap industry and the damage it is doing to everyone involved in this genre of music. As most of us in the industry know, Rap music sales are at an all time low. The artists who have Gold or Platinum sales attached to their names can be counted on two hands in any given calendar year. Most Rap albums that are released are “Certified Linoleum Flops”. Complete sales failures to put it bluntly. Well, why do you think that is? I’ll tell you. because most of these albums contain pure GARBAGE!

When consumers buy a new album, they are lucky if two songs on the project are hot. That’s why sales are falling so drastically across the country. But, if you let most of these artists tell their side of the story, it always seems to be somebody at the labels fault why their project is dying a slow death.

Tell me, why is it that we never hear Jay-Z , Eminem, Drake, The Black Eyed Peas or T I saying that crap? Maybe that’s because these artists know that the consumers want “Quality Lyrics and Beats ” and they strive hard to give them what they want.

Are any of you sub-par rappers hearing me out there? Please understand, money is too tight these days to throw it away on mediocre music. And while I’m thinking about it, what is this BS we keep hearing about “Keeping It Real?” Most of these musical frauds talk endlessly about “Movin Weight” and their “Hard-Core Gang Bangin” when in reality they are or have been selling drugs to their friends or people in their own neighborhoods. Or when a fight breaks out, they hide behind their security and flee the scene the first chance they get!  

You guys are not fooling anyone who is truly from the streets. Maybe that crap works with some suburban White kids who don’t know any better, but if you say that stuff to some real hard guys the only response you will hear are the sounds of CRICKETS in the background!  Tell your stories to some real hard guys from the South or West Side of Chicago, or to people in Compton, Watts, or South Central L.A. They would need medical help to recover from laughing so hard!   I was born and raised on 79th Street on the South Side of Chicago and I know HARD when I see it. So you are not fooling me, so don’t try it!

Yes, as you can tell, I am mad as hell that these FRAUDS have thoroughly messed up the game for everyone involved and it has to stop. When is the last time you saw one of these guys fight or confront somebody who is muscled up or is a shot caller on the streets? None that I can think of.

Most of these bullies attack women or guys who are much smaller than them, or they are 20-30 years older than they are. Does this remind you of anyone you know?  Hear this. Rap music is in my humble opinion, an incredible art form that has captivated people all over the globe and it was never intended to start physical wars between different camps. Don’t cheapen yourselves or the art form by partaking in this foolishness. Focus on making great music and thank GOD that you have the opportunity to make a beautiful living doing what you do. CASE CLOSED.

On the creative side, I had the opportunity to view a new DVD coming out next month called “A GANGSTA BETTER KNOW. COLORS. THE PREQUEL” that is sure to be a certified smash hit. Filmed, directed and produced by Mr. Frank Palmer out of Watts California, this DVD touches on a variety of street issues that are very interesting to view and it is being pushed by the extremely successful actor Mr. Glenn Plummer. The project can be purchased on-line by going to the site  3rdANGLEGROUP.COM.

Musically speaking, I recently had the pleasure of hearing an incredible NEW AGE project by an artist named MARLENA. It is an EP entitled “ANY MOMENT NOW” on LADY J ENT. I must say, this REALLY blew me away. The project caught my attention when I heard that Rap music fans and artists were listening to this music when they were “chillin out” in the evening time. Then I read the following comments from two Major POP/ROCK artists TIMOTHY SCHMIT of THE EAGLES who said  ” MARLENA’S voice is only exceeded by having the pleasure of meeting her in person. When you experience the whole package you are in for a treat. A truly beautiful singer in every way.”

Then I read LINDA RONDSTAT’S quote that stated,”MARLENA’S voice sounds like pieces of silk chiffon on the breeze. A golden voice and spirit.”  Well, after hearing all that positive feedback, I checked it out myself and I simply loved it!  Soft, beautiful mood music that will warm your insides and make you want more. The EP can be purchased on iTunes and other digital outlets.

On the Rap music tip, a young 19 year old artist out of ARLINGTON TEXAS who records under the name T-LI THE RIPPER just recorded a new song called “REMEMBER ME” that has caught everyone’s attention from Texas to New York.

This is one of my FAVORITE RAP SONGS out right now.  You have to listen out for this one. He’s got a great flow and the lyrics and beats are one of a kind!  DON’T SLEEP ON THIS ONE!

Until next time stay safe, stay focused and stay with GOD.

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