*Too bad Jermaine Jackson can’t get his hands on a fraction of the billions that his brother Michael’s estate is worth ’cause he could really use some cash right about now.

TMZ is reporting that Jermaine just filed new child support papers in L.A. County Superior Court complaining about having to pay $3,000 a month for sons Jaafar and Jermajesty even though his average monthly income for the last year has been under $1,100.

Jermaine wants the judge to slash support payment to $215 a month.

According to the docs, Jermaine made a onetime appearance on “Big Brother” back in 2007, raking in a handsome $450,000 for his troubles — but since then, Jermaine claims his business has floundered.

Jermaine claims his baby mama Alejandra not only earns more than him … but she gets a free ride along with his kids at the Jackson compound, thanks to Katherine’s generosity. Katherine has asked Alejandra to move her family into a nearby Jackson condo but Alejandra has refused and Katherine won’t put her foot down.