*Velma Hart’s impassioned plea to President Obama on Monday was a wakeup call not to take his most loyal supporters for granted.

The president desperately needs his base to go to the polls in November, but Hart’s exasperation revealed a clear disconnect with that core group of supporters.

Tuesday’s news that National Economic Council director Lawrence Summers is departing the administration may be a sign that Obama is realizing that his base is slipping away and he must take steps to reclaim it.

In an interview at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, Obama ally Rev. Jesse Jackson said he understands Hart’s struggles and offered some advice to Obama on how to solve some of the country’s problems.

He even stressed that America needs a second stimulus, despite the potential political unpopularity.

Jackson tells The Daily Beast’s Shushannah Walshe that Obama’s advisers’ “point of view is conditioned by their privileges and their point of view is conditioned by their experiences. Their point of view is from the top down. They see the world differently.”

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