Kanye and Cleveland

*Looks like Kanye’s done won the hearts of Cleveland Show fans and will be returning to the animated cartoon series for a second time.

His character, “Kenny West,” will be taken under the wing of the Cleveland, the show’s main character, who decides to mentor the struggling rapper.

While West’s career begins to take off, Cleveland gets left behind only to return to his mundane life. The new track, titled ‘Be-Cleve in Yourself,’ was reportedly penned and recorded by West especially for the show.

West first appeared on ‘The Cleveland Show’s’ inaugural season as a single-father, and struggling rapper, who went head-to-head with Cleveland Jr. over the same love interest (watch the clip below).

Kanye will not be the last rap guest star for the season. Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Will.i.Am, and many stars and athletes will get their shine on- in the series. Season two premieres Sept. 26 on Fox at 8:30 pm E/P.

Check out Kanye’s previous appearance on ‘The Cleveland Show’: