*Perhaps being a video vixen pays off after a while. Karrine Steffans recently turned into a NY Times best seller as she is making ready her latest bit of sexiness, “SatisFaction: Erotic Fantasies for the Advanced and Adventurous Couple.”

It won’t be released until next year August unfortunately (for her fans), but there is great anticipation for this one. This will be her fourth publication as follow-up from her 2009 bestseller “Vixen Manuel: How to Find, Seduce, and Keep the Man You Want.”

“‘SatisFaction’ is half erotic fiction, half how-to, and 100 percent titillating,” says Steffans. “Pleasure yourself with each snippet, then come back, monthly, for more.”

Along with the new book, fans will have the chance to view her video trailer.

“It’s the first-ever book trailer mini-series. I’m looking forward to making the others,” she told BV Buzz. She’s working on getting her own boy toy for her next line of book trailers.

“I’m casting in Los Angeles for a hunky love interest. I’m also looking for extras for upcoming episodes too. I’m having fun with this new concept. I love being creative,” said the spider to the fly, er, Steffans.