Adam "Pacman" Jones

*A man has pleaded no contest to attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon in the 2007 strip club melee involving NFL star Adam “Pacman” Jones.

Arvin Kenti Edwards entered the plea on Tuesday (Sept. 21st) for the shooting of three people outside of Minxx Gentlemen’s Club & Lounge, that left one man paralyzed and two others wounded.

Edwards pleaded to three charges of attempted murder, three counts of battery with a deadly weapon and being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm, according to reports.

He could’ve been sentenced up to 186 years in prison if the case had gone to trial. With the no-contest plea, he faces four to 10 years behind bars.

Edwards still says he is innocent of the shooting, but decided to cop a plea to avoid the possible time.

“It’s not an acknowledgment of guilt,” he said. “It is acknowledgment of, if he gets convicted, the book is going to be thrown at him.”

An amateur video hit the internet in 2007 during Edwards’ trial that was used during Edwards’ trial, featuring Jones and Nelly throwing money at strippers in the venue.

According to, Jones arrived at the club with $100,000 in cash, $40,000 of which was converted into $1 bills to be tossed at strippers. When Jones joined rap mogul Jermaine Dupri on stage, the So So Def CEO began chastising the dancers for picking up their tips before the music set ended.

“We gonna show y’all how to make it rain,” Dupri shouted. “I’m Jermaine Dupri, alright. Y’all are here to dance. Don’t bend down and try to get your money. Don’t start getting the money until I tell y’all to get off the stage. Y’all just keep f**king dancing!”

Afterwards, a fight broke out between strippers over the money, while a promoter allegedly ran off with Jones’ cash, which was stuffed in a trash bag.

Jones allegedly met Edwards afterwards and offered to get Jones’ money back. Moments later, Edwards allegedly opened fire in the club.

According to testimony, Jones paid an associate $15,000 which eventually went to Edwards, because Jones was allegedly afraid Edwards would track him down.