*Someone didn’t want to wait for the album release, so they leaked Mary J. Blige’s uncharted territory of a song featuring Kid Rock and T.I. According to reports, the leaked track, “Care” has a bit of that country twang that draws in audiences on either end of the spectrum.

“I can’t stop the war, shelter the homeless, feed the poor,” Blige and Kid Rock sing together on the chorus, while T.I. ad-libs throughout the refrain. “I can’t walk on water, can’t save your sons and daughter/ I can’t change the world or make things fair, but the least I can do is care.” “For the life of me, I can’t see how the devil keeps enticing me,” Tip raps on the number. “All you see is a felon, but I know God can see what’s right in me.”

Mary has dabbled in just about every genre, but this right here is something way out of the box. As to if this track will be on her next project, which is still in question. But you might be able to find the song somewhere in Internet land.