*Morgan Freeman’s marriage to Myrna Colley-Lee is officially a wrap.

The divorce, finalized on Sept. 15, puts a definitive end to the couple’s 26-year marriage, his lawyer William R. Wright confirms.

“There’s no waiting period, there was no trial and they reached an amicable settlement. He is just happy that they can both move on,” Wright told reporters.

The couple – who married in June 1984 and have two children together – separated in December 2007, but the news wasn’t made public until the following August.

Morgan’s business partner Bill Luckett said at the time “They are involved in a divorce action. For legal and practical purposes, they have been separated since December of 2007.”

The couple met when Morgan was working in an off-Broadway theatre production in 1976 and they married in 1984.

Morgan, 73, also has two other children from previous relationships.