First lady Michelle Obama runs a 40-yard sprint as she participates in the Let's Move! Campaign and the NFL's Play 60 Campaign festivities with area youth, to promote exercise and fight childhood obesity, Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2010, in New Orleans.

*Our First Lady made ESPN’s “Top 10” highlight reel on “SportsCenter” this morning.

Michelle Obama didn’t just visit New Orleans to promote her “Let’s Move!” initiative ahead of tonight’s NFL kickoff game in the city, but she went through practice drills and participated in a flag football game, during which she threw a pass, and caught a pass from former NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks.

Michelle Obama jumps during a football drill as children and NFL officials observe

Former NFL Colts coach Tony Dungy (L), NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell (2nd L) and Michelle Obama line up with children for a football drill.

The NFL’s Play 60 Campaign and Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move! Campaign to fight childhood obesity hooked up for the flag football game with about 70 local kids Wednesday (September 8) at Woldenberg Park in New Orleans.

“We’re here because of you,” she told the children. “We want you guys to grow up strong and healthy. Anyone can be smart and funny but if you’re not in good health, we know that you will have a hard way to go.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, former NFL coach Tony Dungy and former players, including New Orleans Saints running back Deuce McAllister and New England Patriots wide receiver Rodney Harrison, were also on hand.

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Goodell, Obama and Dungy huddle

Earlier Wednesday at Brock Elementary School in Slidell, La., Mrs. Obama launched a new phase of her “Let’s Move!” program, focusing on nutrition.

Mrs. Obama said she wants food manufacturers to have better nutrition labels on products, more restaurants to post calorie information and to have better food and healthier options in schools and grocery stores.

“The reality is that our schools are on the front lines of our efforts to fight childhood obesity,” she said. “The nutrition education they get at schools might be the only guidance they get on making healthy decisions about what they eat.”

Michelle Obama speaks to children and school officials as part of her "Let's Move" campaign to fight childhood obesity at Brock Elementary School in Slidell, Los Angeles September 8, 2010.

For those wanting to know, Mrs. Obama’s dress is Moschino.