Shannon Sharpe

*Former NFL player and now CBS-TV sports commentator Shannon Sharpe recently was ordered to stay away from Michele Bundy. Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta issued a temporary restraining order for “Family Violence.”

However, Sharpe has not been charged with a crime or arrested for any offense. Sharpe is also currently involved in a dispute over child support with a woman named Melinda Wilson in Atlanta-area Dekalb County Superior Court. Sharpe,
who is the plaintiff in the dispute, is scheduled to have his case heard against Wilson on Sept. 20 at 9 a.m. at the Dekalb County Courthouse.

He does have a small record of violence. In 2004, a battery charge was filed against him by the mother of one of his children, Erika Evans. The issue was resolved through mediation. According to the county reports, the sports reporter has been cited on 10 different occasions, but all were civil issues.

Michele Bundy