*Late last week 50 Cent released a so called Rick Ross sex tape. And if his intention was to humiliate Ross, it looks like the opposite may have happened

Since the “sex tapes of Rick Ross” have been posted, the Miami rapper has been getting Twitter messages from women wanting to get down with the big guy.

Ross immediately sent out a tweet declaring it was not him on the footage:

“Just saw the so called sex tape.. the n-a had a [Louis Vuitton] flag in back pocket but forgot the tattooes..#fail.”

He told MTV News, “”Nah, man. Actually, all the females are hitting me on Twitter,” he said. “It’s actually funny and flattering to know fat n-as getting pu- all around the world. Spiff TV pulled it up on the laptop. When I saw the screenshot of it and saw the first few seconds of it, I was like, ‘Damn. My mom taught me when I was young, never lay on hotel spreads.’ They was laying on some cheap-ass hotel spreads that had probably had all kinds of sh- on it, because they don’t really wash the spreads as often as they do the sheets. So that was what I laughed at. Then I noticed homie really ain’t have none of my tats. All the real Rozay fans know what time it is.

Shout-out to fat boys getting pu- worldwide. … But when it comes to the person on the tape, who they really are, they can send me a little check.”