*Yes, you may have ‘heard it all before,’ but R&B sweetheart Sunshine Anderson is ready to share with the world her journey of love and heartbreak with her newest production, “The Sun Shines Again.”

She says the album was inspired by her failed marriage.

In 2007, the singer became pregnant and married in July. The marriage only lasted a short while, but she took some time off of work to be a mommy. Now that she has reached a new height in her life, she is ready to return to work.

“You give up so much as a wife, and a mother, and a girlfriend; that sometimes you forget who you are. And so when you finally have the time to sit with yourself, and figure out who you are – it’s a great day. Can’t nobody take my shine right now!” Sunshine said.

In stores Tuesday, November 2, ‘The Sun Shines Again’ reunites Anderson with hit-maker producer, Mike City, the man who signed Anderson to her first recording contract in 2000 and most recently to his Unsung Records.

Kicking off the album will be the lead single “Lie To Kick It,” which is currently the nation’s #1 Most Added track on the Adult R&B and UAC formats.