*A statement released by Atlanta U.S. Attorney Sally Yates unveiled that rapper T.I. could be heading back to jail.

“We are very disappointed in Mr. Harris’ recent conduct,” U.S. Attorney Sally Yates told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a statement released Friday (September 17th). “We will make our sentencing recommendation at the revocation hearing.”

His wife faces up to a year in a California prison for having possession of ecstasy in Hollywood on the first of the month.

To make matters worse, T.I. failed a drug test when traces of codeine were found in his system when he was drug tested shortly after the arrest and he was traveling with a convicted felon named Cortez “C-Rod” Thomas.

T.I. is on a three-year probation, so this set back could be detrimental. Ironically, however, U.S. District Judge Charles Pannell Jr. allowed him to remain free and travel the country while encouraging at-risk youth to stay away from drugs, gangs and violence.