*In a recent radio interview with Angela Yee, singer Trey Songz, talked about his appearance on the Wendy Williams show where he revealed that he went 40 days without taking a sip of alcohol.

“There is so much that goes into a tour, promoting an album, with both of the singles going and having to have such a short period of time [to] differentiate these singles from the Ready album and promote this album (PPP) within like a two – three month period, I wanted to make sure I was all the way focused,” Songz commented when speaking with Yee.

He also addressed a statement he previously made. He said “being single is more marketable than being in a relationship.”

“It would probably be much different…it wouldn’t have the same hysteria that I do right now, the whole aura of the screaming and just, you know, women loving more about me than just my music.”

And with regards to Lauren London, he said the two are just friends. But she has met the mom. And do you remember that photo of him grabbing Tamala Jones’ booty? He said it was part of a “dare.”

“I was just grabbing her ass in a picture, I don’t even have her number,” which garnered laughs and a sly look from Trey who continued, “I told her I was going to grab her ass…she was all the way with it, I grabbed her ass. It was a picture. How many stories did we make with tha

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