*Two days after being confronted by ABC News, Bank of America has fired a debt collection agency after several of its operators were caught using racist and obscene phone calls to collect debts from bank customers. Bank of America hired collectors who ended up harassing cash-strapped Americans.

“What’s up, you f—ing n—r?” said one of the collection agents in a message to 32-year old Allen Jones of Dallas, who owed $81 on his Bank of America credit card.

“This is your f—ing wake up call, man,” the debt collector said in a message left at Jones’ home at 6:30 a.m.

In a message left a few minutes later, the debt collection agent told Jones, “You little, lazy ass bitch, get your mother f—ing ass up and go pick some mother f—ing cotton fields, bitch.”

Jones said the calls continued even after he told the debt collection company he had paid his credit card bill.

“The representative acted like, oh, we can call you as many times as we want,” Jones said in an interview broadcast Friday on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and Nightline.

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