*Last night on “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart exposed the GOP’s new “Pledge to America,” plan as nothing more than a retread of Republican rhetoric from the last 20 years.

Stewart began by remembering two years ago when Republican senators previously pledged to make the GOP a “party of new ideas,” trying things like forum website America Speaking Out, and other ideas that ultimately failed. Now, with midterms around the corner, Republicans are trying to reinvent themselves once more, promising things like reduced spending, smaller government, permanent tax cuts, and other things that sound oddly familiar.

“Your fresh new ideas,” Stewart said, “sound slightly – I’m sorry, did I say slightly? – sound EXACTLY like your old ones.”

“This isn’t even a sequel,” Stewart said. “This is a shot-by-shot remake!”

Below, watch Stewart show side by side comparisons of 2010 Republicans pledging to do the same things as those of the last 20 years.

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