*Bleacher Report bogger Trent Kirby writes …

For a long time, people loved LeBron James. Totally loved him in a non-platonic way (for the most part). At the same time, Kobe Bryant has been one of the most hated players in the NBA for the past few seasons. But it’s funny how a summer can change things.

Now, after LeBron’s decision and “The Decision,” more and more people dislike LeBron James. Whether they think he’s a coward, a jerk or just has a bad beard, the LeBron James train has less and less people enjoying its complimentary peanuts.

And while LeBron has been busy making people angry, Kobe has been enjoying a great run that has seen him win an Olympic gold medal and two straight titles while staying out of headlines for anything bad. The tables have turned.

Or so you’d think. But according to Q Scores revealed by CNBC’s Darren Rovell, some things will never change.

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