*“I love my pastor” is something many hear at their church and in their communities. Sometimes folks have the nerve to get in arguments about who’s pastor is better.

Well the church world has spoken and now the there’s a book listing some of the country’s most self-less and greatest pastors in the country.

Entitled 2010’s Most Loved Pastors, the book introduces a group of pastors who are tirelessly working for their congregation and God through service and preaching.

As a sneak peak, here’s a list of a few:

Overseer Bryan S. Allen D.D
Greater Bible Way Apostolic Temple
Joliet, IL
For the past five years, my pastor has been a beacon to our city. Under his leadership our church has shown the love of Christ to the very least. Our annual health fair spreads awareness on issues ranging from diabetes to teenage violence. He also or- chestrates a picnic every year that’s open to the community. He has a very personal relationship with our youth.
Submitted by Antwone Stewart

Rev. Reginald E. Bachus
Friendship Baptist Church
Chicago, IL
My pastor and dad is all that and an expensive bag of chips! We always talk about what if the churches came together. Well, Pastor Bachus and Chicago’s 15th Police district faith based office made it happen! We had over 60 of the district’s toughest
corners covered by prayer and presence for the month of June.
Submitted by: Reggie Bachus

Bishop Henry Fernandez
The Faith Center Ministries
Sunrise (Ft. Lauderdale), FL

For 22 years, my pastor has overseen several missions in the community as well as in Haiti, Africa, and Jamaica; providing supplies to needy children. Our pastor exemplifies patience! After waiting 16 years to have children, God blessed our pastors with two beautiful sons! This “crazy faith” pastor went against the grain and purchased our multi-million dollar church, which is worth three times more than originally purchased. Submitted by: Simone N.Gibson

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