50 Cent and Chelsea Handler at the Blue Nile Jazz Bar in New Orleans (TMZ)

*Viewers of Chelsea Handler’s late night show “Chelsea Lately” are already aware of her “sexual obsession” with black rappers. In fact, Erykah Badu even called her on it when she was a guest on the show in April. [Watch below.]

Now, it seems as if 50 Cent is looking to fulfill Chelsea’s fantasy. Nearly a year after he visited her show and months of flirting on Twitter, the two were photographed on a date Monday night in New Orleans.

Although the whole thing comes across as a publicity stunt, TMZ and other sites are quoting people inside of the Blue Nile Jazz Bar who claim the two were “hot and heavy with each other.”

Below: Chelsea talks to Erykah Badu about her obsession with black rappers at 3:03; 50 Cent visits “Chelsea Lately” in December.