*Known affectionately as the oldest man in Hip-Hop, Arrested Development’s Baba Oje’ is recovering from a stroke. He suffered the incident last Thursday. He was last hospitalized at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. Doctors also found a blood clot on his brain.

Oje’ was released from the ICU on Tuesday and is currently going tests.

Baba = Father in Swahili (Oje’= OJ his name) born in Mississippi is the elder of Arrested Development. The group believes that the youth have energy and the elders have wisdom together can have progress!

At 78 years-years-young, Baba Oje’ is indeed an elder in Hip-Hop.

An avid vegan, Africanist and yes, even roller skater, Baba is the most unique man you have ever met. He dances and does vocals when AD performs live. His spirit and presence inspires people all over the globe. His willingness to associate with people half his age and more, is a testimony to his humility.

Our prayers go out to Baba Oje’, his family and Arrested Development.