*In the spirit of religious freedom and the country’s state of emergency that American religious intolerance has created, Catalyst Group CEO Leyla Turkkan, a twenty-year media relations veteran, is offering free consultation to organizations aiming to build bridges between people of all denominations.

“As a first generation Turkish-American Muslim,” stated Turkkan, “I am saddened by the rhetoric that has taken over the national dialogue about religion since 9/11. The media does not provide the correct representation of over a billion peace-loving Muslims in the world.  Therefore, I intend on providing a more  accurate portrayal of not only American Muslims, but all Americans who wish to  preserve our identity as an inclusive society.  I believe it is imperative we preserve the rich tradition of diversity and religious freedom that has always  defined America.”

Turkkan has also worked with and represented a wide variety of influential, politically inclined figures and organizations, including Nobel Prize winner and UNESCO Good Will Ambassador, Rigoberta Menchu.

Turkkan has also given her support with the Hip Hop Summit Action Network, the historic “Stop The Violence” movement, and several other efforts to provide money and raise awareness around the homeless, Hurricane Katrina victims, HIV awareness, voter registration and Freedom of Speech.