*Ah yes, it’s time once again for a high profile athlete to get bucky naked on the cover of ESPN magazine for their annual “Body” issue.

This year’s candidate is new New York Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire. The ex-Phoenix Suns player is shown jumping into a pool while holding a basketball with one hand and covering his nether region with the other.

Of course one wonders why anyone would do a photo like this in the first place when in the end all that’s going to be discussed is the area Mr. Stoudemire’s left hand is covering if you get our drift. We’ll just leave it at and move on. We’re sure you’ll take it from here.

Oh yeah, the tasteful photo below is WNBA guard Diana Taurasi. She posed for issue’s dual cover as well.

Last year, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard and tennis star Serena Williams posed for double covers. Remember?

Over all, this year, more than 40 athletes will show off their bodies for the ESPN Body Issue 2010, through artistic photos.