Marques Houston & Chris Stokes

*It seems Raz-B, of the defunct boy band/group B2K, is not going into the night silently as much as a lot of folks would like him to do.


A few weeks ago he posted a video claiming that he was sexually  molested by singer Marques Houston. Then, in the light of the sexual accusations against Rev. Eddie Long by four young men, he posted another video.

Now he’s back again, but this time he has a co-signer by the name of Quindon Tarver. If you don’t know, Tarver is singer who also worked with Chris Stokes, the producer of B2k and is a business partner of Marques Houston. Oh yes, in the video below, as in previous ones from Raz-B, Stokes is also accused of sexual molestation and of watching the victims be molested by Houston.

Quindon Tarver

Yes, whether it’s true or not, this is some nasty stuff, to put it mildly. Anyway, as we were saying, finally someone else (Quindon Tarver) has come out and admitted that he too was subjected to the same treatment. The dialogue on the video below between Raz-B and Quindon is very disturbing.

Warning. This is definitely NSFW.