Sidney Star

*Simply put, for those who care one way or the other, rapper Chingy has a credibility problem. Last week he flat out denied that he had a sexual relationship with transgender model Sidney Star.

“That’s some straight bull-,” he said before breaking down how the whole “misunderstanding” started. “I had a show like two years ago. I had a show with Ludacris [in] Chicago. There were some dancers on the stage and these dancers were on the stage through everybody’s show. The person [Star] asked me to take a picture and I took a picture. The boy, whatever it is, asked me to take a picture. I’m not up there checking to see if it’s [a boy or girl]. It looked like a woman. I’m not looking to see no neck check and all that. I’m taking a picture with a fan.”

“I’m not homophobic, I don’t know what this person is,” Chingy continued. “If you a fan of Chingy, I’mma take a picture with you – You got this person that took pictures with not just me but with a few other celebrities. But for some reason, they want to single me out and make it out like I’m messing with this person, sleeping with this person.”


Now, Sidney Star is responding to Chingy. She spoke to hip hop DJ Kendra Gilliams recently and when asked why would he not tell the truth about them being an item, Sidney claims the rapper is “ashamed of their relationship” which is why he is lying.

And yes, according to Sidney they did have sex together within their two year on and off again relationship and that he should not be ashamed! She also talks about hip hop being homophobic and how she doesn’t feel she is ruining Chingy career by telling the truth.

Here’s the interview: