*The world of sports has its drama along with the stats, but lately with veteran QB Brett Favre, who some think should probably retire permanently, it’s all about the drama.

Lately the quarterback has been in the media for allegedly sending some nasty, sexy voicemails, text messages, and photos to a lady named Jenn Sterger when both were employed for the New York Jets.

Charles Barkley always has his opinion on everything and not always is it worth hearing. But this time he may have a point. Barkley recently criticized the media about bringing up the football legend’s sex affairs, calling it a non-story.

“This is just the media trying to make it a story because they’ve got juicy, gory details basically. But it’s not a story.”

The alleged incidents happened two years ago, he noted.

“Listen, if Brett Favre sent that woman pictures, it ain’t up to me to decide whether that’s right or wrong. But it’s not a news story. He didn’t break any laws. That’s between him, the girl and his wife. He’s got to answer that,” said Barkley.

“It would be totally different if she wanted to file sexual harassment charges against him. But she is not saying anything. The media’s trying like hell to make it a story.”

Favre hasn’t addressed the allegations. Barkley thinks Favre has “handled himself perfectly.” He continued:

“You’ve got to understand something. If he says anything, the media’s going to analyze it one way or the other. … It’s just a really bad situation now with the press. No matter what you say they’re going to put two talking heads on television and they’re going to disagree.”