*Idris Elba is being asked to play another Marvel superhero, despite his role in “Thor.”

Elba stated:

“I have a picture deal with them (Marvel). I can’t tell you much about that, but I can tell you I’ll be back,” when asked by Black Voices’ Wilson Morales whether his relationship with Marvel will extend beyond Thor.

In “Thor,” Elba plays the role of Heimdall, Guardian of Asgard, a White character in the comic books. In the Marvel universe, Asgard is the dimension that is inhabited by the Asgardians, giants, dwarves, elves, trolls, and demons.

He is actually on the list to possibly play a few characters.

“I wouldn’t mind having a crack at bringing Blade back, personally. But, there’s a couple of things there that they have… Luke Cage is… very interesting,” he said.

If he played Blade, that’d probably present a problem being that the original actor, Wesley Snipes depicted Blade so handsomely in the past.

For the role of Luke Cage, Tyrese Gibson, Djimon Hounsou and even Michael Jai White have been considered for the part. Elba may make an appearance in that film as well.

If not Cage, there is always the Black Panther.

This past August, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige talked with MTV about Marvel’s plans for the future, and he stated,”I think what writers Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction have done with Iron Fist lately is exciting. I think Black Panther and Wakanda has some amazing potential to be a feature film.”