*Kwame Kilpatrick’s bid to overturn his imprisonment for probation violation was rejected this afternoon by the Michigan Court of Appeals, reports the Detroit Free Press.

In a one-page order signed by Judge Michael Talbot, the court said the appeal is “denied for lack of merit in the grounds presented.

“We are very pleased,” said Maria Miller, spokesperson for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office. “Obviously we agree with the decision.”

Arnold Reed, a Farmington Hills lawyer handling the appeal and request that the former Detroit mayor be released from his 1½- 5-year prison sentence, said he wasn’t surprised “once I saw who was on the panel.”

Reed said the next step, if Kilpatrick wants to take it, would be to seek review in federal court.

“No question about it, he’d get a better look in federal court if that’s the avenue he wants to pursue,” Reed said.

Wayne County Circuit Judge David Groner revoked Kilpatrick’s probation saying he’d hidden assets, didn’t turn over tax refunds and didn’t meet restitution payments. Kilpatrick is currently being held in federal custody under indictment for tax and fraud charges.