Matt Damon and Jennifer Lewis in a scene from 'Hereafter'

*Jenifer Lewis has been making the rounds as an actress/singer on Broadway, television and films for years. Recently’s Lee Bailey got the scoop on her small, but pivotal role in the new film “Hereafter,” starring Matt Damon and directed by Clint Eastwood.

“The movie is about 3 people trying to find out about the hereafter itself,” she explained. “It’s 3 different stories. My situation is one in which (my character) found out about this guy (Matt Damon’s character) who was good (at communicating with the dead) and she begs him to allow her to talk to her deceased daughter. She was very distraught.”

From “A Different World” to “Sharks Tale,” “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and even the animated Disney films “Cars” and “The Princess and the Frog,” Lewis has brought her own substantial amount of spice to each role. Here she shows love to her co-star and award-winning director as well.

“Working with Matt Damon was great,” said Lewis. “He was a staunch professional and so am I, so we really landed that scene on the first take and put it in pocket. I saw that scene for the first time (at a recent screening) and it was really great.”

“I was just honored to work with Clint and Matt,” Jenifer continued. “It was a professional set. Clint was tall and classy and he was very smooth. Two words I use to describe him are intellect and humanity. He knows how to capture human emotions and put them creatively on the screen. He allows us to travel to wherever we want. He came up with a story about such an interesting subject, one we have all thought about. We can go anywhere we want to.”

Though Ms. Lewis has had substantial supporting roles in her decades long career she is especially honored to have appeared in this film in particular, despite her limited time on camera.

“My scene is pretty much what you see in the trailer,” the obviously excited actress told “I was at a party (on Friday) and Ron Howard was there. He really gave me a great compliment on the scene. I was really, really happy to get this dramatic role.”

We knew Jenifer Lewis’ role in “Hereafter” was a small one, but we weren’t sure exactly how small.

“Ohmigod, if you blink you will miss me so no blinking and, please, no snoring,” said Ms. Lewis. “The scene is literally a minute long. Don’t ask me the time, but it’s a short scene and it’s very impactful. I went up to Clint Eastwood and really thanked him. I would say when you leave the movie you will remember that scene. It’s a very emotional scene. No blinking!”

“Hereafter” opened last weekend in limited release to extremely good numbers It took in $231,000 from only six theaters in New York and LA. That gave it an average of $38,500 a theater, compared with $16,228 in 3,081 cinemas for “Jackass 3D” which was no. 1 with $50 million. It opens in wide release in theaters nationwide on Friday, October 22nd.

Remember, for Jennifer’s sake, no blinking!