*When it rains, it pours for Mike Tyson.

A five day charity visit by the former world heavyweight champion was canceled on Monday due to poor ticket sales. Also Monday, the ex-boxer was been hit with a $25 million lawsuit by the photographer who scrapped with him at the Los Angeles International airport.

Tyson was due to arrive in Prague on Tuesday and stay till Saturday as part of a charity visit, but “the tickets were unfortunately too expensive for the local market,” said the Swiss promoter Rey Karpf, quoted by Czech agency CTK. “We didn’t sell enough.”

It would have cost 2,000 euros to train with the former champion, 1,000 euros for spending an evening with him and 120,000 euros for dinner with Tyson. According to CTK, the organizers were going to pay Tyson a million dollars a day with part of that going to a Prague children’s hospital.

Meanwhile, paparazzi photographer Antonio Echevarria filed his $25 million lawsuit at Los Angeles Superior Court claiming that Tyson told him “I will kill you” during the November 11, 2009, scuffle which resulted in the ex-boxer being booked for his part in the fight.

In his suit, Echevarria claims that Tyson and two LAX employees made false statements to the police which resulted in him being taken into custody also, reports Radar Online. He claims the Tyson attacked him while he was filming the boxer and the injuries he sustained resulted in him being severely hurt in his health, strength and activity, sustaining severe injuries to his face, brain, spine, neck and other parts of his body.

Tyson was passing through LAX on a trip from Europe to Las Vegas when the fisticuffs occurred at around 4:30 p.m. Several celebrity photographers were photographing Tyson when a scuffle ensued between the ex-boxer and Echevarria near a ticker counter in Terminal 7 at LAX.

Tyson and Echevarria made cross complaints against each other for misdemeanor battery, and each man placed the other under citizen’s arrest. Tyson was taken to the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Station following the incident. Echevarria suffered a minor laceration to his forehead and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The ex-boxer’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley released a statement claiming her client was aggressively pursued by Echevarria who bumped the stroller of Tyson’s baby and ignored orders by airport personnel to leave him alone.

Holley told RadarOnline.com: “Wednesday afternoon at approximately 3:30 pm, Mike Tyson, his wife, mother-in-law, assistant and 10-month-old baby daughter were walking through the United terminal at LAX, following an eleven-hour flight.

“Mr. Tyson and his family were without security and attempting to make a connecting flight when they were aggressively approached by a paparazzo intent on provoking and harassing them. The paparazzo repeatedly refused to comply with the orders and directives of airport personnel to leave the family alone and continued to aggressively pursue the Tyson family–at one point colliding with the baby’s stroller.

“There are numerous witnesses to the paparazzo’s provocative and unlawful conduct which culminated in his assault on Mr. Tyson and Mr. Tyson’s responsive act in defense of his family. Mr. Tyson cooperated with law enforcement authorities and demanded that a citizen’s arrest be made against the paparazzo.

“Mr. Tyson remains confident that this matter will be appropriately addressed as the witnesses are interviewed and the facts borne out.”