*MC Hammer is being honored this weekend at a charity event. At the same time, he’s helping a good cause.

A California family who lost their father to cancer is now on the verge of losing their home. In an effort to raise money, Florence Platt and her young children are being assisted by Hammer and 10 Tae Kwon Do schools. They will host the Kick-A-Thon For Humanity on Oct. 16. During the event, the old school rapper and famous Hammer pants wearer will be honored with the World Wide Humanitarian Award.

“I have kids of my own and can only imagine what the Platt’s are going through right now,” said Kick-A-Thon organizer Master Kang. “I’m pleased this event will help them on a financial level. But I’m just as pleased so many kids, families and individuals can come together, compassionately and generously, in support of our fellow man. It’s a profound lesson for the kids and an extraordinary act of love.”

We’re sure Hammer can also relate because he lost his palatial home to bankruptcy several years ago.

The Kick-A-Thon will take place at the Mountain View Christian Center at 5000 Amaryllis St., Oakley, Calif. at 10AM on Saturday, October 16.