*Mel-B revealed some information about her baby’s daddy situation that might make her seem a bit more “real” to the world. The former Spice Girl has a three-year-old daughter named Angel by Eddie Murphy. But Angel doesn’t call the famous actor “daddy.” She calls Mel’s current husband (Stephen Belafonte), daddy.

“I moved to the beach when I was pregnant with Angel and my mum came to live with me. Obviously the situation was a bit tricky but I just got on with it. I’m not one to wallow. I might for a few hours but then I’ll snap out of it. I have a great life. Eddie and I have been in contact on and off for the last three years.

“He’s been playing a part of her life for quite some time now, but Angel sees Stephen as her dad. Obviously he’s not her biological dad but she calls him daddy.”

Her new reality show, “Mel B: It’s a Scary World” might give a better perception of how her family really is together.

The family is a blended one with her two daughters, Angel and Phoenix (11) and Stephens’ daughter from a previous relationship, Giselle.

“You’ll get a really good picture of how we do things and how we function as a blended family with three kids who have different mums and dads. You’ll see how we work together,” she told New! Magazine.