*Two lawyers who worked for Michael Jackson have revived their legal battle with the owner of a private jet company who secretly filmed a private meeting with the superstar in 2003.

XtraJet boss Jeffrey Borer has admitted videotaping Jackson and his attorneys onboard one of his planes as they flew from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara, California, where the King of Pop faced a trial on child molestation charges. He was later acquitted.

Borer pleaded guilty to a criminal charge of conspiracy in 2006, and Mark Geragos and Pat Harris launched a lawsuit in the civil courts. They were awarded a $20 million settlement after the case concluded, but in January, an appeals court judge overturned the ruling and changed the payment to just $750,000.

Geragos vowed to fight the judgment and has now been awarded a new trial, which will see the pair head back to Los Angeles Superior Court on Feb. 14, 2011 to fight for their invasion of privacy settlement.

In other Jackson News, a group of fans are meeting with Los Angeles council members to discuss the future of a building named in the singer’s honor.

Officials at Gardner Elementary School, where Jackson attended classes in 1970, opened the Michael Jackson Auditorium in 1989 in tribute to their most famous student. [See photo above.] But they decided to cover up Jackson’s name with plywood in 2003 after the singer was accused of child molestation.

As previously reported, the group has launched a campaign to have his name reinstated on the building, claiming the late star shouldn’t be punished because he was cleared of any wrongdoing at his 2005 trial.

The group has collected more than 2,000 signatures and will meet with the Board of Education to plead their case next week, reports TMZ.com.