Old NeNe, New NeNe

*It’s no secret. Everyone knows something changed on NeNe Leakes. And it’s not her lovely, endearing personality. No, it sure isn’t ’cause she doesn’t have one. But we digress.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star opened up recently to People magazine about why she decided to go through plastic surgery.

“I’m very comfortable and confident in myself. I just wanted a tune up,” Leakes, 42, says, admitting she got a nose job, smaller breast implants and a lift, and liposuction around her waist for contouring in April.

But Leakes says she didn’t want a full transformation. “I still wanted to look like NeNe, the black woman that I am,” she says, “but a better version.”

Check out her visit to the surgeon on Monday on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

For more on Leakes’s surgeries, and how she slimmed down to a size 8-10, you might wanna check out the latest issue of People.